Our Story
How it all started...
Over the last few years, we’ve been building complex enterprise applications for our clients. At some point we had to build a really complex one for a large global company. The requirements they had were a lot, so being a small team we realized it would be a challenge to meet their deadlines while delivering a high quality product.
That being said, we began trying to optimise our code as much as possible to make it reusable since many clients had similar requirements. Taking it a step further, we automated large parts of complex infrastructure setup. So the next move we thought that would help, was automating the creation of large parts of the code itself.
How Incrementum came to life...
What we ended up with was a complete system that with minimum work could let us combine different features and services we’ve built in the past, for each of our clients. This way, we significantly reduced the effort, time and cost needed to provide each of our clients with their own custom solution.
Since it worked well for us, we thought why not share this technology with the world? Or even better, why not add one more layer of simplicity that would allow non-technical people to utilize the power of our technology and build their customised enterprise solutions by themselves?